Resparking the Old Flame

(18 Years Old)

ย It’s my last year of high school. As I walked down the school hall next to my best friend, Mikkel, I got looks from all the girls. “You’re practically famous here, you know.” I said to Mikkel, “Every girl wants you.” He just laughed and shrugged his shoulders. His snowboarding career has already started. Sponsors were calling him from every corner of the world and Mikkel was getting more and more known in the snowboarding industry.

We walked home and were sitting on my bed watching the television. “What you said earlier, how every girl wants me because I’m practically famous, I just want you to know that I don’t want them, I want you.” Mikkel looked my straight in the eyes and brushed a piece of my hair back. “Can I kiss you?” He asked.

"I mean, you’re already in my face. So why not?" He laughed and then placed a soft kiss on my lips.

"Schools almost over, Bree, travel the world with me. I’ll teach you how to snowboard so you can be a pro, too."

ย I did want to travel. I wanted to see the world from every angle. “Sure.” I said causing him to smile.


I watched Mikkel as he gave a speech to the crowd. He sucked at speeches and I couldn’t help but smile as he stuttered and messed up some of his words. It was rare for Mikkel to ever feel nervous. I was happy to see how proud everyone was of him. He grew up being known as the kid who was terribly bad and annoying. Now, everyone seeโ€™s him as a snowboarding god. “Great speech.” I said to him.

"Was it that bad? I know I messed up but I tried." He said.

"No, it wasn’t bad at all. Really, it was a great speech." I gave him a long kiss.

"Hey Meeks! Come party tonight." "Mikkel, are you coming to my party?" "What are you doing tonight?" "Come have a few drinks!" People were shouting and asking him questions everywhere we went.

"Looks like you have a billion plans tonight." I said unamused.

"But you’ll be by my side for every single one of them." He smiled, gave me a peck on the cheek, and was off talking to some of his friends.

(At a party)

"Mikkel you’re drunk already! You’re acting ridiculous." I screamed in his face.

"You never know how to chill out and relax. Don’t even"

"Don’t even what, Mikkel?"

"Don’t even date me anymore. Forget about us." Is what he had to say.

(Age 24)

ย I just returned to Norway after a long six year trip around the world. I never thought I’d be so happy to see home again. I missed the way the sky lit up at night by the Northern Lights, and I missed the way the mountains reflect in the lake. But it just hit me now that I also missed the way that Mikkel smiled. Being home reminded me that he once was a part of my life, 18 years of my life.

I got invited to an old friendโ€™s party. It was sort of like a high school reunion. Drinking and dancing, I bumped into a giant man with clear, ocean blue eyes and long, blond hair. “Hey, I’m Mikkel.” He said.

I didn’t want to say, "Oh, hey. It’s Bree, you know, the girl you broke up with after graduation." So, instead I just sort of danced my way back into the crowd hoping that he wouldn’t come looking for me, but he did.

"I didn’t get your name?" He said to me.

"My name? Oh, It’s Bree. You probably don’t remember me, I didn’t even notice you at first." But how could he notice me? I completely changed. I got curvy and started to wear makeup and basically, I turned into a girl. My personality was still the same though. So, I felt like I was still me.

"Bree!" He said as he dropped his drink and gripped me up in a powerful bear hug.

"Hi?" I said.

"I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for hurting you back at that party. It hurt me, too. But, I was drunk and out of my mind."

"Mikkel, that was six years ago!" I said while laughing. "I forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago."

"So, does this mean we can try something again?" He asked while he eyed me up and down.

"You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that to try and win me back." I smirked at him.

โ€œI know something I could try.โ€ He winked and picked me up as he carried me bridal shower to someoneโ€™s room.

Anonymous asked:

will you write sth about mikkel? maybe you two were friends in childhood but you moved out and you go back now after couple years and you two start to feel sth to each other (sorry for mistakes, english it's not my native language)

sure thing